Hi everyone! My name is TOSIN GBEYIDE
And yea! Fashion and style has always been my thing. It’s been a big dream ever since I was little. I really fantasized about getting the big creativity and ideas in me unto the fashion minds out there. I have always been a bold girl but someway somehow I was fretting about opening a blog of my own. Deep down inside of me I knew this fashion thing was meant for me especially after seeing cheers from different people each time I post on my instagram page. At a time I asked my self ‘will everyone like my style?’ The answer i got is a ‘NO’ and you know why? It’s because we all get attracted to people for various reasons. Moreso it became reveling to know it’s ok to be afraid sometimes (especially of big dreams), it’s ok not to know everything at a time, it’s ok to start small and appreciate the role of the little beginning when it gets on a grand scale,and it’s even more ok not to let your guts down and allow fear take the win.
So somewhere in the middle of my thoughts I fought the battle of fear and allowed hardihood into the boat. I believe in hard work and prayers. I believe in inspiring people and being real, and i also beieve you don’t have to buy expensive things to look good. So as much as this blog will be loaded with lots of trendy styles it won’t be without the blend of inspirations,advise,life lessons,and knowledge about myself all wrapped up in write ups. So get ready for it.. it’s gon be factual, interesting, debunking, and sometimes quirky..lol. Ask multiple questions cos it’s gon be all u ask for and more. We’re gon have much fun together.
I am all that I choose to be.. one of which is..to be a trendsetter..

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